Alan John

Hi, I am Alan, A twenty-three year old software engineer currently pursuing his MSC Advanced Computer Science from the University of Manchester

I graduated after my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Army Institute of Technology, Pune in July 2021. After working an year as a software developer at HSBC, I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Manchester graduating September 2023.
My area of interests are Cloud Native Technologies and DevOps. Always looking forward to contributing to Open Source projects and networking through communities. Outside of tech, I pursue my time in photography and design purely as a hobby.
Feel free to hit me for conversations about Technology, Design or Football .

Work experience

Software Developer @ HSBC
Aug 2021 - Jul 2022
  • Primarily works with Adobe Experience Manager applications.
Data Science Intern @ Solytics Partners
May 2020 - July 2020
  • Developed models and algorithms to deal with various NLP related problems like sentiment score , named entity recognition, topic modelling and question answering.
  • Set up of AWS resources for project on a development scale
DevOps Intern @ Intugine Technologies
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020
  • Set up CICD pipelines using AWS code suite for backend applications , frontend Applications and serverless functions
  • Analyzed logging and testing tools

What’s my current tech stack like?

I am familiar with Python (v3), Typescript, C++, Java (openjdk 8, 11). Currently learning Golang.
If I were to develop a web application today, my go-to frontend framework today would be NextJS. Though I have worked with Angular based projects in the past.
I have worked with javascript and python based backend frameworks such as NodeJS and FastAPI. Lately have been looking into event-driven microservice architecture using CloudEvents and gRPC.

DevOps and Cloud Native Technologies

After working in the domain during my internships, I became deeply invested in DevOps and Cloud computing. I have experience with AWS and GCP and have a good understanding of operating systems, networking and cloud infrastructure.